Car headlight replacement and restoration in Marion, IL

Headlights are often overlooked, but they’re some of the most important components of your vehicle. When you’re driving after sundown, you need to have properly functioning headlights to clearly see the road and get to your destination safely. If your headlights are dim or faulty, it’s essential to restore or replace them as soon as possible so that you can drive with confidence in poor visibility conditions.

Ike Honda is the best place in Marion, Illinois, to repair or replace your Honda vehicle’s headlights. With a state-of-the-art service center and factory-trained technicians, we’re able to provide the highest quality car headlight replacement and restoration services for any Honda model. Whether your headlights are dull, flickering, or burned out, you can rest assured we’ll do a great job fixing them.

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Headlight services at Ike Honda

The service center at Ike Honda has the necessary equipment and expertise to fix all types of headlight problems. Our most sought-after car light services include:

  • Headlight bulb replacement: The process of changing headlight bulbs may vary depending on the type of vehicle you own. If you have a modern Honda vehicle, our technician will simply change the bulb in the housing to restore the headlight to its original brightness. For an older model, it may be necessary to remove the bumper during the bulb installation process. We’ll also check the other lights on your car for dim or dying light bulbs.
  • Headlight restoration: If your headlight covers are dull or cloudy, our technician will restore their surfaces to make your headlights brighter. Using only a few tools, we can perform a headlight restoration in a matter of minutes. We’ll take extra caution to ensure your headlight covers won’t be scratched or damaged, so you can feel safe leaving the task in our hands.
  • Headlight replacement: If your vehicle has a headlight in poor condition within an older sealed headlight unit or a cracked headlight cover, you’ll have to replace your headlight. Before we start replacing your headlights, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the cost. Once you give your approval, we’ll remove your old headlights and install the right headlights for your specific vehicle.

Most common headlight problems

Headlight problems may result from a wide range of factors, such as wear and tear, exposure to the elements, electrical issues, or a collision. Regardless of the cause, you should get your faulty or damaged headlights fixed as soon as you can. The following are some of the headlight problems that vehicle owners commonly run into:

  • One headlight isn’t working: If one of your headlights doesn’t work, it’s usually because it has a burned-out bulb. Getting a replacement bulb at a service center doesn’t cost a lot. However, you should also check the other bulb to see if it’s working. More often than not, if one bulb has gone out, the other will need to be replaced soon. The best thing to do is to replace both bulbs at the same time.
  • Dull headlights: Dull headlights may be the result of cloudy headlight covers or weak headlight bulbs. Headlight covers can become cloudy when their ultraviolet sealants wear off, which makes them vulnerable to oxidation due to sunlight exposure. If your headlight covers are clear but your headlights are dull, you could be dealing with weak bulbs. Consider replacing your old halogen light bulbs with LED bulbs, which are significantly brighter.
  • Poor beam strength: If your headlights are working fine but the beams they’re emitting aren’t strong enough, it’s likely that your headlight bulbs are aging. Replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs will solve the problem. Poor beam strength can also result from foggy headlight covers. In this case, you can restore maximum visibility by having your headlight covers cleaned or replaced at a service center.
  • Flickering headlights: Many factors can contribute to flickering headlights, including dying bulbs, improperly installed bulbs, and wiring issues. You may also experience this problem if your vehicle has accessories that consume a lot of electrical power, such as a high-performance audio system

Why is it important to have properly working headlights?

While they aren’t considered a major component of your Honda vehicle, your headlights play a vital role in helping you stay safe on the road. If your headlights aren’t working as they should, you may have trouble seeing your surroundings when you’re driving at night or in foggy, rainy, dusty, or snowy conditions. Failure to see the road markings, traffic signs, vehicles, objects, and pedestrians around you can make you more prone to causing an accident. Additionally, faulty headlights can make it difficult for other motorists and pedestrians to see your vehicle, which further increases your accident risk.

Besides improving your driving visibility, good headlights can also help you avoid legal trouble. In Illinois, all drivers are required to have two properly functioning headlights turned on from sunset to sunrise. Also, you must switch on your headlights when rain, fog, snow, or other conditions make it necessary for you to use your windshield wipers. If your headlights are dim or aren’t working at all, you may get pulled over and slapped with a traffic ticket. So, it’s essential to make sure your vehicle’s headlights are always in good working condition.

Restore or replace your headlights at Ike Honda

Many Honda owners in Marion and other parts of southern Illinois come to Ike Honda whenever they need car light services. This is because we have a long-established reputation for delivering top-notch auto services at competitive prices.

Our certified service center is equipped with the latest machines and devices to enable us to perform all kinds of auto services with optimal efficiency, including headlight restoration and replacement. Also, our highly trained technicians have profound knowledge of every Honda model, so they’ll know exactly which bulbs or headlights are suitable for your car. If you need to replace your headlights, we’ll provide you with Honda OEM headlights, which are the same headlights that originally came with your vehicle.

The car light specialists at Ike Honda are ready and eager to help you make your headlights shine like new. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.