2023 Honda Pilot Redesign: What’s Different?

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Choosing a vehicle for your family is a crucial decision. Your car shapes your family’s lifestyle, from trips to and from sports practices to unforgettable family vacations. For outdoorsy families who love seeking thrills together and busy families with little ones and teens alike, the three-door 2023 Honda Pilot might be a fit. Honda just redesigned this iconic SUV, so read on for our guide to the changes so you can re-acquaint yourself with the Honda Pilot.

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How much bigger is the 2023 Honda Pilot?

2023 Honda Pilot seating, interior, legroom and headroom

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Along with some of its other beloved models, Honda gave its three-row full-size SUV a facelift and remodel for 2023. While this family-friendly adventure mobile received several impactful changes, one of the key features of the redesign is more space. In fact, the new Honda Pilot is the largest vehicle Honda has ever produced.

The 2023 Honda Pilot is longer and taller than the 2022 edition. It gained about four inches of exterior length, measuring 199.9 inches long compared to 2022’s 196.5 inches. It’s also taller, at 71 inches, compared to 2022’s 70.6 inches. The latest Honda Pilot is bigger on the inside, too. The 2023 Honda Pilot 3rd row leg room grew, with passengers in the far rear getting 32.5 inches, an improvement from 2022’s 31.9 inches. Second-row passengers gained about 1.5 inches of additional legroom, too.

The overall passenger volume in the Honda Pilot grew from between 151.7 and 153.1 cubic feet in the 2022 models to between 154.9 and 158.4 cubic feet. That’s a lot more room for your loved ones to relax, meaning more comfort for daily commutes, road trips, and everything in between.

What else is different about the 2023 Honda Pilot?

Space isn’t the only upgrade for the 2023 Honda Pilot. The latest edition of the adventurous SUV is more trail-ready than ever, embracing its off-roading capabilities and utilizing the most powerful Honda in history. Honda’s new 3.5-liter V-6 engine provides 285 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque, allowing the 2023 Pilot a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds with two-wheel drive and 5,000 pounds with all-wheel drive.

Elegant Interior

Inside, Honda’s redesign embraces elegance, turning the practical Pilot into an upscale vehicle for busy families looking for added comfort. The refreshed interior relies on high-quality materials and chic details that make the cabin look modern and luxe. Heated front seats come standard on every 2023 Pilot model, even the base trim.

New tech features include a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity on Sport models and a 9-inch high-definition version with wireless capabilities on other trims. TrailSport and Elite models come with a TrailWatch camera that makes it easier than ever to maneuver your Pilot through rugged terrains and unexpected weather challenges.

Enhanced Safety Features

There’s a host of new safety and driver assistance features for 2023 to help you stay in control no matter the conditions. The vehicle’s forward sensors now have a wider range, improving pedestrian and vehicle recognition, cruise control, and collision mitigation technologies. Honda Sensing, Honda’s suite of smart safety tech features, now includes a traffic jam assistance feature, which helps you pace yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Upgraded Exterior

The exterior styling got some minor upgrades, too, aside from the larger frame. The 2023 Honda Pilot has new LED taillights, a fresh front grille, and a roof spoiler that matches your chosen paint color. Top trims offer uniquely upscale exterior touches, too, like the Touring and Elite models’ 20-inch wheels and chrome exhaust garnishes. There are a series of brand-new post-production packages available for purchase, too, that help you customize the look of your 2023 Pilot.

Upgraded TrailSport Trim

A 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport hauls a camper up a mountain

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The Honda Pilot TrailSport was brand-new in 2022, and Honda made some major changes for the 2023 edition to take this new extra-rugged version of the Pilot up a notch. The 2023 TrailSport can handle obstacles like rocks, mud, crops, and more, thanks to its durable 18-inch wheels, which are unique to its trim. Honda paired the wheels with Continental TerrainContact all-terrain tires. This brings the Pilot an extra inch of ground clearance.

The 2023 Pilot TrailSport also comes with powerful new skid plates that serve as armor against off-roading obstacles. Trail mode is a special drive mode that activates special torque usage to help stabilize and power you through rocky terrain. While 2022 saw the launch of the Honda Pilot TrailSport, 2023 perfected it for the most adventure-ready vehicle in Honda’s lineup.

How does the 2023 Honda Pilot stack up against competitors?

Kia’s third-row SUV, the Telluride, is another option for growing options interested in a trail-ready vehicle. It ties the Pilot in towing capacity and offers about the same amount of torque, but the Pilot beats it in third-row legroom, so it might be more suitable if you have little ones in the far back. The Pilot’s adaptable, spacious third row also makes it a little more accommodating than GMC’s upscale SUV, the Acadia.

Toyota’s Highlander is another competitor suited for families. It also has a slightly smaller third row and lacks some of the off-roading mechanisms that make the Pilot the rugged pick. The 4Runner is another three-row Toyota vehicle that might appeal to shoppers considering the Pilot. The 4Runner has a little less power at only 270 horsepower. It also employs four-wheel-drive instead of all-wheel-drive, making it a little less trail-friendly, and it lags in fuel economy at 16 city mpg, 19 highway mpg, and 17 combined mpg compared to the Pilot’s 19 city mpg, 27 highway mpg, and 22 combined mpg.

When can I buy a 2023 Honda Pilot?

You can buy a 2023 Honda Pilot today. In southern Illinois, Ike Honda is your destination for new Honda Pilots. You can purchase a 2023 Pilot off our lot or work with us to build your Pilot, customized with all the features, colors, and details you love.

If you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly SUV with athletic features and a sleeker-than-ever appearance, the newest Honda Pilot is an excellent option. Contact Ike Honda today to learn what we have available and when you can test drive a 2023 Honda Pilot to feel the impact of Honda’s innovations for yourself. Our knowledgeable sales team can also help you explore your other options, so you can find a rugged full-size SUV that’s perfect for your family’s lifestyle and priorities.

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