How Much Can a 2022 Honda Pilot Tow?

June 15th, 2022 by
How much can a Honda Pilot tow?

The Honda Pilot is the largest SUV in the Honda lineup. It’s a three-row family-sized SUV made to transport multiple people or cargo while maintaining a sleek figure. It sits between midsize and full size, and it seats eight people. This is an excellent car for various activities that include family members. If you’re looking…

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How Many Miles Does a Honda Civic Last? (& How to Make It Longer)

May 20th, 2022 by
How long does a Honda Civic last?

When a Honda Civic is cared for and undergoes routine maintenance, it can last around 20 years. Since the inception of Honda Civics, people have been baffled at how long they last. It seems like all you need to do is have a Honda Civic serviced regularly, and it will last forever. Not only do…

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How Much Can the 2022 Honda CR-V Tow?

April 6th, 2022 by
A 2022 Honda CR-V towing a couch

The 2022 Honda CR-V’s towing capacity is 1,500 pounds, so those in search of a rugged vehicle with considerable towing capabilities need look no further. This model also has a payload capacity of 850 pounds. These numbers make the CR-V a great choice if you’re looking for a compact SUV to hit the road for…

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Is Honda Working on Self-Driving Cars?

March 25th, 2022 by
Honda works on self driving cars with Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype

Self-driving cars are something that many automotive companies have been pursuing for decades. They’ve captured the interest of people all over the world hoping to see an autonomous driver that allows people to enjoy the ride. In recent years, automotive companies have pushed forward with their plans to create autonomous vehicles, leading to new regulations…

Honda & Google Built-In Collaboration

February 22nd, 2022 by
Honda and Google Built-In Collaboration

Honda and Google recently announced that they would collaborate, installing Google Built-In for vehicles manufactured after the second half of 2022. So what exactly does this mean? For Google, it’s one more manufacturer they’ve partnered with to become the in-vehicle default infotainment system platform. For Honda, it means elevating the customer’s user experience to sell…

2022 Honda Accord Sport’s Interior Features

January 24th, 2022 by
Honda Accord Sport interior

Buyers love the Honda Accord for its affordable price tag, powerful engine options, and ample cabin space for a mid-sized car. This vehicle is an ideal choice whether you’re looking for a family car to meet your daily commuting needs or a car for a weekend trip away. Choosing from the five trims on offer…

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What is included in the 2021 Honda Sensing safety system?

December 23rd, 2021 by
What is Honda Sensing safety suite?

As automakers around the world continually make their vehicles safer, they have developed a growing number of driver assistance features to help in a variety of situations. Honda has stood at the forefront of these developments for many years with its Honda Sensing System. But what does Honda Sensing actually do, and what’s contained in…

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What kind of trucks does Honda make?

December 10th, 2021 by
What kind of trucks does Honda make?

Honda has a reputation for building reliable and affordable vehicles. Therefore, when people are in the market for a new truck, they often wonder what sort of options Honda has available. They might ask “Does Honda make a full-size truck?” or “Does Honda have a truck that is good for families?” If you’re wondering what…

How to charge the Honda Clarity Plug-In

November 23rd, 2021 by
A white Honda Clarity Plug In at a charging station

The Honda Clarity is a great choice if you’re looking for a vehicle with a strong all-electric driving range and a high-quality cabin. This plug-in hybrid can drive up to 47 miles while powered by its lithium-ion battery and two electric motors. But how do you go about charging the Clarity? And can you find…

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Honda enhances human-centric design with “Simplicity and Something” interior

November 11th, 2021 by
The interior of a 2022 Honda Civic with Simplicity and Something interior design

Honda recently announced a new philosophy when it comes to its interior designs: They named this new design philosophy “simplicity and something,” and it is going to drastically change how the inside of different Honda models look. Honda has a few goals in mind for this new approach and judging by the first looks at…

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