How to charge the Honda Clarity Plug-In

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The Honda Clarity is a great choice if you’re looking for a vehicle with a strong all-electric driving range and a high-quality cabin. This plug-in hybrid can drive up to 47 miles while powered by its lithium-ion battery and two electric motors. But how do you go about charging the Clarity? And can you find charging stations near Marion, Illinois? Our team at Ike Honda has put together some Honda Clarity charging tips to answer these questions and some others.

How to plug in a Honda Clarity

The Clarity comes with a charging cord that you can plug into a 120-volt household outlet. The cord connects to the Clarity through a port on the left-hand side of the front fender.

Alternatively, you can charge your Clarity using a 240-volt outlet, which is sometimes called “level 2 charging.” A level 2 charger is available at a public charging site, or you can install one in your home. If you opt to install a level 2 charger at home, it’s a good idea to have a professional electrician perform the installation. The advantage of using a 240-volt outlet is that you can recharge your Clarity’s battery quicker than with a 120-volt outlet.

One of the great things about hybrid vehicles like the Clarity is that they automatically switch to gas power when required. If your battery runs out of power on the road, there’s no need to worry. Thanks to Honda’s efficient vehicle design, you can drive the Clarity with gas in the tank and still achieve good gas mileage.

How much electricity does it take to charge a Honda Clarity Plug-In?

Charging times for the Clarity depend on which type of power outlet you use. If you want to fully charge your battery using a 120-volt household power outlet, you’ll need approximately 12 hours. A level 2 charger can fully charge your Honda Clarity’s battery in around 2.5 hours.

If your battery is fully charged and you have a full tank of gas, the Clarity has a combined driving range of 340 miles. The gas tank can hold up to 7 gallons of gasoline.

The battery’s all-electric driving range of 47 miles may decline during periods of very cold weather. One reason for this is that you’ll probably need to use your Clarity’s heating more often, which draws power away from the battery. Another reason is that batteries, in general, perform less efficiently when exposed to freezing temperatures.

Can you find charging stations near Marion?

Yes, there are currently six public electric vehicle charging stations within 50 miles of Marion. The closest is John A. Logan, located about 9 miles away in Carterville. This site offers 24/7 charging and is equipped with a level 1 and a level 2 charging point. The next nearest option is Vogler Motor Co in Carbondale, which is about 14 miles from Marion.

You have several options if you need to locate the nearest charging station to your current location. If you’re driving the Clarity’s Touring trim, your plug-in hybrid vehicle will feature Honda’s satellite-linked navigation system. The navigation system allows you to locate the closest public charging station among approximately 36,000 sites found across the United States. Alternatively, if you don’t have the navigation system in your vehicle, you can use the HondaLink phone app. The app includes details on the public charging stations found near you. It also lets you know how much charge your battery currently has left.

The cost of using each public charging station varies. The best way to determine the cost of charging your Clarity is to check with each provider directly.

Are there other ways to charge the Clarity’s battery?

Yes, there are. One way is to use the gasoline engine to recharge your battery. This option is available if your battery has less than a 57 percent charge. All you need to do is press and hold the HV button on your steering wheel for 2 seconds. Doing this will cause the gasoline engine to recharge the Clarity’s battery until it has a charge of 57 percent.

The Clarity also features a regenerative braking system that provides power to your battery when your vehicle isn’t accelerating. If you take your foot off the throttle or apply the brakes, the power in one of the electric motors is transmitted to the battery to help prolong its charge.

Another way the Clarity can conserve battery power is if you drive in Econ mode. This setting is one of the three driving modes you can choose from. The other two are sport and normal. Econ mode adjusts the power train to maximize efficiency. Sport mode sacrifices a bit on efficiency to provide you with punchier acceleration.

Learn more about the Honda Clarity at Ike Honda in Marion

The Honda Clarity doesn’t just offer you an efficient power train and an impressive all-electric range that can cope with most daily driving needs. It’s also a vehicle with an upscale cabin and ample space for five passengers. If you want to learn more about the Clarity and its features, why not drop by our Marion dealership to talk to one of our auto experts? Alternatively, please get to know our extensive online inventory, which includes Honda’s full lineup of compact cars and family-friendly SUVs.

Here at Ike Honda, we’ve got extensive experience assisting customers in getting behind the wheel of the perfect car to suit their needs. Whether you feel like taking a Clarity for a test drive before deciding on a purchase, or you want someone with a thorough knowledge of the car’s specs to talk to, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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